Since 1938, Samsung has been the global leader in innovative products for all aspects of life. This commitment to always improving is inside the DNA of every Samsung appliance. Samsung is the perfect upgrade for your builds and a great help along the way to closing deals.

It starts in the lab

Pioneering new ideas that make life easier takes dedication and commitment. The research and development that goes into Samsung technology results not only in better products, but also more patents than anyone else.*

Tech by the Numbers

42,000+ People Dedicated to
Research and Development
42 Research Facilities
Around the World
8,500+ Patents Granted
in 2016*

*Bill Hankes, “Most Inventive Companies of 2016 Based on Patent Activity,”, 1/10/17,

Real features that really help.

An innovation is just a gimmick if it doesn’t make life easier. Across the entire line of kitchen and laundry appliances, Samsung has features you won’t find anywhere else. Features that catch buyers’ attention, but soon become can’t-live-without necessities.


Independent controls let you cook two dishes at two different temperatures simultaneously.

FlexDuo Oven

Waterwall 2.0

A powerful streaming wall of water delivers remarkable cleaning results.

WaterWall Dishwasher

Family Hub 2.0

A WiFi enabled touchscreen lets you manage your groceries, connect with your family, and entertain like never before.

Family Hub Refrigerator


Like two washers in one, with the flexibility to wash separate loads at the same time.

FlexWash Washer and FlexDry Dryer

Build smarter. Sell easier.

Samsung appliances are always a smart choice, but with SmartThings from Samsung, you can take the whole house to the next level.

The Smart Home app allows the appliances to work together, communicate alerts to your smartphone, even be controlled remotely. But the kitchen is only the beginning.

Explore Smartthings

Samsung appliances really clean up. Even the refrigerators.

If the awards are any indication, our innovations are a big hit. These are just a few:

  • Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator

    CES Innovation Award
    Honoree 2017 for
    Family Hub 2.0

  • FlexWash Washer

    CES Innovation Award
    Honoree 2017 for

  • FlexDry Dryer

    CES Innovation Award
    Honoree 2017 for