The Friends and Fans Program makes it even easier to sell and install the appliances customers aspire to, with incentives that make them even more attractive.

The Friends and Fans Difference

An exclusive Samsung affinity program for homebuyers who have purchased a Samsung appliance package through their Builder.

  • Homebuyers receive access to the Friends and Fans portal to purchase Samsung consumer electronics at a special discount.

  • Builders receive an incentive on the electronics your customers purchase through the program. Additionally, the Friends and Fans portal will be co-branded with your company logo and visible to your customers with access to the portal.

Quick Start Guide


How it works

Builder agrees to offer Samsung appliances via a won quote or by signing a letter of intent provided by Samsung. Samsung representative submits these documents, along with the Project Information Sheet, to complete project registration. Builder is welcomed as a Samsung partner.

Prior to closing on a new home, the Builder directs homebuyer to a Samsung authorized Builder Distributor to select and purchase a Samsung appliance package. Or, homebuyers can select their appliance package at a Design Center.

To indicate proof of purchase and date of closing, Builder sends Monthly Closing Sheet* to samsungbuilderb2b@

Samsung validates purchase and homebuyer receives a Friends and Fans welcome email with instructions on how to activate portal access.

Homebuyer purchases Samsung consumer electronics at a discount via the Friends and Fans portal.**

Builder receives incentives on all consumer electronics purchases made by their homebuyer through the Friends and Fans Program.

* Monthly Closing Sheet should include Builder name, homebuyer name, homebuyer email, phone number, address, lot number and closing date.
** Purchases can be made for up to one year after activation of account. Limited to five purchases per category. Product cannot be resold.

Terms & Conditions

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  • The Friends and Fans Program is only available to Builders offering Samsung appliances who purchase Samsung appliances through authorized Samsung Builder Distributors.
  • Every quarter, Samsung provides Builder with their incentive balance and Builder summary report of all purchases made by their respective homebuyers.
  • In order to receive incentive payments, Builder must complete W-9 provided by Samsung. Samsung sends incentive payments every six months.
  • Builders who want to co-brand with the Friends and Fans portal must email a .jpg of their logo to in order to be posted to site. Timeline for posting will be 5-10 business days.
  • Builders who go to market utilizing model homes must participate in the Samsung model home program and fulfill all model home requirements.
  • Builders who have Design Centers must have Samsung appliances on display and follow Samsung Design Center requirements.
  • The Friends and Fans Program is available for homebuyers only.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, without notice at the sole discretion of Samsung.

See it work

With Friends and Fans, Builders get happy customers. And, as Samsung partners, the Friends and Fans Program is available to you and your employees as another way to say thank you, and we value your business.