The Samsung Builder Appliance Program

Now you can turn our fan base into your customer base.

Consumers today are passionate about the brands they love.
This program turns that passion for Samsung into motivated customers for you.

  • Builders Samsung fans are more likely to buy a home featuring Samsung appliances.
    It’s that simple.
  • Builder Distributors Samsung adds innovative style and technology to your product line, and more customers to your pipeline.
  • Architects & Designers Give your projects more of the cool factor with the latest designs and surprising features from Samsung.
  • Remodelers Make sure your renovations are in front of the tech curve with future-proofed connected appliances.
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It's a new day
for the industry.

See the appliances that connect so well with your customers.

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Better homes deserve better appliances.

Samsung Chef Collection appliances feature the most innovative technology along with our most exclusive cooking options, with Panel Ready and flush to cabinet design that compliments any custom home.

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